The first settlement made by the Orphans after their journey across the sea, Ashport is cramped, occasionally cold, and has a long history of hauntings and paranoia, but it also has a progressive, artistic culture.

The original settlements sit on the peninsular side to the south, open to the ocean on three sides. Called Old Ash, it contains many secrets, old homes, and old grudges. It is connected by land to the northwest, but also has a bridge which connects it to Shoreside. Old Ash is home to the Altar of Lethe, where The Great Forgetting took place, as well as the Greyshore League, a fishing and sailing club that specializes in expeditions. Old Ash is currently under a state of Quarantine (Old Ash Quarantine District) due to the rampancy of the Red Death.

The Longmaine estate sits in Center Circle, along with many of the city’s wealthiest or luckiest citizens. Center Circle is also home to the Ashport Academy of Magicks, a fine restaurant called The Overlander which caters to politicians and dignitaries, and both Thurgood’s Ironworks and [[Cade & Sons Blacksmithing]], which sit across from one another and provide nearly identical quality of service.

Shoreside sits along the inlet to the north, and is known for its street performers (and pickpockets), exotic fruit markets, fresh fruit stalls, and The Pirate and Tankard inn, a rowdy pub known for drinking games and backroom deals.

On the outside of town, to the northwest, sits The Bristle Green, a rural community of farms and pastures which supports the Ashport community. Mostly poor farmers and their families, Bristle Green is known for producing high quality cheeses, creepy stories, and, as an insult, for fraternizing with Niin, who are more common outside the city.


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