The Spirit

From the Dead Lands

The protagonists begin on The Spirit Upon the Break, one of the ships in the Dire Fleet to leave the Dead Lands, before they fell to grey.

They are woken from their sleep by a terrible storm rocking the ship, and the sounds of shouting above deck. Maywind Cole stands at the stairs to the top deck, cautioning the passengers to stay below, but seeking a few strong and capable hands to help secure the deck against the storm, and trying to hide from the other passengers what her uncle relayed to her – that they have lost sight of the main fleet, and the weather continues to grow worse.

On the top deck, the players will be asked to help with several tasks. The Spirit has 320 HP out of 600, and loses 1d6x10 per storm surge.

Secure the broken riggings to the mast (DC 12, Acrobatics){Spirit +120HP}
Secure the loose kegs of black powder to the deck (DC 12, Athletics){Two additional kegs survive}
Reinforce 1 of 6 broken beams (DC 12, Insight){Each reinforced beam restores 30HP to the ship)
Save the crewman from falling overboard (DC 14, Survival){Additional survivor, becomes a Guildhand (scout, fisherman, or porter) the party can send out)

After 6 surges, crewmen notice that one of the other ships nearby – The Winter Hearth, is heading nearby at an intersect course, and doesn’t seem to be piloted by anyone. With two turns notice, the ships collide, for 100 damage to both, and they begin to run parallel to each other. The Winter Hearth is mysteriously uninhabited. While running parallel, the Spirit will take 1d8x10 damage per surge, as it cannot steer as capably as before.

Liam Redmaine and Valen Wightwell are arguing about a solution; Liam wants to fire the cannons on the Winter Hearth’s side, to force it back – it is clearly uninhabited, and poses a serious threat to the lead ship. Valen is concerned that there are survivors on board. Meanwhile, Valen suggests sending a small boarding team to sweep for survivors and steer the ship aside, but Liam contends that they cannot spare any crewmen for such a dangerous task.

If the players do not intervene, then Liam pulls rank, and fires the cannons. This causes the Winter Hearth to reel and slam against the Spirit once more {-100 HP}, and then the Winter sinks successfully. Liam will gain 10 influence. If the players side with Liam, the same occurs. Liam gains influence, but only 5 – the most outspoken player receives the other 5. If the players side with Valen, they board the ship, and Valen gains 5 influence, along with 5 for the most outspoken player.

If the players choose to board the Winter’s Hearth, they find the ship abandoned. They find signs of struggle, but no bodies or survivors. They do have the growing feeling that they are being watched. A Red Cultist will attack whomever he can surprise, but avoid fights, unless forced. After the party searches the ship, he will fight them above deck, as the storm intensifies.

Search the hold: 2 crates of preserved beef, 2 kegs of ale, 100ft of rope, crowbar. 132GP
Search the gun deck: 2 barrels of gunpowder. flint and steel, boarding pistol
Search the officer’s quarters: 32GP, Sabre of Winter’s Hearth (Old World)

If the players boarded the Winter’s Hearth, then once the fight with the Red Cultist is resolved, they will realize that they have drifted away from the rest of the fleet, and are lost in the storm. The ship begins to sway and list, either tipping and beginning to sink, or throwing the players overboard.

If the players did not board the Winter’s Hearth, then they are thrown overboard by a large wave, due to the damage to the ship’s hull.

Either way, once they are underwater, they find themselves drawn downward by the current. They can see sand and grasping, dark plants at the bottom, but they also see a thermal vent, deep below, drawing them down – and out of that vent, traces of golden light swirl upward. The light wraps around them, fills them like air, and keeps them alive – and the party have now taken their first Breath (Breath +15).

The party members wash up on the shore, alive, and find much of their equipment and salvage on the beach.

The Spirit

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